Dental Care

Oral hygiene

Maintaining good oral hygiene for your pets is important as it helps to reduce bad breath, plaque, and potential periodontal disease and gingivitis. At Pet Care Hospital, we offer a variety of products and services that will aid you in maintaining good oral hygiene for your pets. Aside from brushing your pets’ teeth and offering them our popular dental diet, Hill’s Prescription t/d, you can help your pets by periodically checking their mouths for excess plaque and tartar build-up, inflammation, and bad breath. Also, if you have noticed increased sensitivity around the mouth, a constant pawing at the mouth, or a reluctance to eat, your pet may be having oral-related pain.

Dentistry services and oral health care

At Pet Care Hospital, we are committed to the oral health care of your pet and offer dental scaling and polishing, dental radiology, extractions, and basic oral surgery. Dental scaling and polishing is performed by our Certified Veterinary Technician, Diane, who meticulously goes through each tooth and scales off plaque and tartar and then polishes them. Afterward, a comprehensive oral examination and charting of the teeth is performed. We normally recommend dental x-rays with our digital x-ray machine. With digital x-ray imaging, we are able to see things like tumors or teeth infection that may be hidden underneath the gum or inside the teeth. If extractions or further oral surgery is required, they can be performed with your approval.

Unerupted tooth

Pictured above is an example of how x-ray imaging can provide us with more information about your pet's welfare. As you can see in the first picture, there does not seem to be a tooth just behind the canine tooth. However, in the x-ray of the mouth, we can see that there in fact is a tooth just behind the canine, and that it is invisible to the naked eye because the tooth never erupted to the surface. In this example, this condition is known as a dentigerous cyst, which would have been left undiagnosed if the pet's owner had not requested dental x-rays.

Pictured below is an example of what dental scaling can do for your pet. The picture on the left is before the scaling, and the picture on the right is after the scaling. The before picture indicates a heavy amount of tartar, which can increase your pet's chance of getting periodontal disease. We not only scale and polish the surface, but we also go underneath the gum line and remove any tartar from underneath the gum.

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