Boarding and Grooming

Our Boarding Services

For cats, we have cages located in a separate room far away from any barking so that they can enjoy a quiet, stress-free stay. All boarding areas are well ventilated and are air conditioned when hot and heated when cold.

All boarders will be under veterinary supervision. We guaranteed proper nutrition and medicine administration during their stay. Veterinary services and exit grooming and baths are optional for your pets.

Our Grooming Services

We recognize the importance of regular health and hygiene in our patients and strive to provide customized grooming services that meet the needs of you and your pets. With a consistent and proper grooming and brushing schedule, your pets can avoid common problems such as excessive shedding, matted hair, and skin conditions. Grooming schedules vary depending on your pets' size and can be addressed with our grooming professionals.

Lynn and TJ are our groomers. They each have had over 30 years of experience grooming, and it shows in their ability to handle many different breeds and their individual temperaments. They are fully capable of typical breed cuts or will accommodate to your custom specifications.

Grooming services include:

  • Nail trims - this necessary service helps to avoid overgrown nails that are prone to breaking, splitting, and getting caught, all of which can cause pain to your pets.
  • Baths - standard bathing with all natural shampoos, or medicated baths with specific medicated shampoos.
  • Ear cleaning - your pets' ears are sensitive and susceptible to infection. We offer gentle cleaning with products that can help keep their ears healthy.
  • Anal gland expression - dogs and cats have anal glands that accumulate foul-smelling fluids over time. Although they normally get expressed when your pet defecates, sometimes they can become impacted and require expression.
  • Flea control - we offer a variety of flea control products from tablets like Capstar and Nexgard to topical medication like Revolution.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us at (817) 478-4311.

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